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good friday morning. here's what's coming up on "early today." the man at the center of the horror in cleveland could end up facing thousands of charges and even death. ariel castro's mother spoke to reporters. >> translator: i have a very sick son who did something very serious. i'm suffering a lot. and a massive 20th century bank heist. the details are fascinating. a famed olympic gold medalist dies in a fatal catamaran accident. prince harry makes waves at the white house and beyond. while kobe bryant gives his mom a mother's day gift she won't forget, a lawsuit. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, may 10th. >> good morning, i'm mara
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-richard lui. cleveland prosecutors are vowing to pursue murder charges against ariel castro, the man accused of keeping three women hostage in his home. the murder charges are for terminating several pregnancies, forcing miscarriages by starving and beating one of the women. prosecutors ordered him held on $8 million bond. >> based on the facts i fully intend to seek charges for each and every act of sexual violence, rape, each day of kidnapping, every felonious assault. we're also hearing from castro's mother who tells reporters her son is very sick. >> translator: i ask forgiveness from the mothers and i ask that the girls forgive me for the pain they suffered. i'm suffering for my son. my son is sick. and i have nothing to do with what my son did. leave me alone because i'm a mother and i'm suffering too.
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>> horrifying details are emerging about the girls suffering reportedly at the hands of castro. sources tell nbc affiliate wkyc that in a 2004 suicide note castro blamed amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight for their own kidnappings. castro told investigators he's cold-blooded, a sex addict and could not control his impulse. sources also tell the station he appeared cocky during his interrogation. we're getting a glimpse of the castro past. castro terrorized her. relatives said he shoved her down a flight of stairs, broke her nose and dislocated her shoulder. apg r -- also breaking news in bangladesh. she is alive. she was rescued 17 days after a
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collapse of a factory. she was wearing a violet dress and was rushed to the hospital in a balance. she is described as being in remarkably good shape. no word on how she survived that ordeal, but good news still. now to a story of bank robbery in the digital age one that rivals any plot that hollywood dreamed up. 17 people have been arrested spanning staggering 27 countries. the total haul $45 million. $2.4 million was stolen in new york city alone. the gang of criminals hacked their way into a database of prepaid credit cards and drained cash machines around the globe. it didn't take long. that 45 million disappeared in a matter of hours on two separate occasions in december and february. >> they become a virtual criminal flash mob, going from machine to machine, drawing as much money as they can before these accounts are shut down. >> incredibly federal officials
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say no individuals lost any money. turkey's prime minister says syria's government used chemical weapons against its own people and there's proof, photograph intelligence reports and patients who were injured by chemical weapons. the prime minister said he'll share that information with president obama when they meet next week in washington. he spoke exclusively with nbc's ann curry. >> so, has president assad crossed president obama's red line? >> translator: a long time ago. more of ann curry's interview will air later this morning on the "today" show. president obama was in text while the gun control debate eclipsed his economic agenda he said he's still wants to create jobs in a sluggish economy. >> i spent the day in austin talking with folks what we can do to reignite the true engine
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of america's economic growth. a thriving, rising, middle class and a dynamic, cutting-edge economy. >> the president also announced competitions for three manufacturing hubs hoping congress will make a $1 billion investment for 15 such hubs nationwide. the sailing world lost a champion yesterday. british yacht racer and 2008 olympic medalist simpson died after his catamaran capsized. simpson and his team were training for the american cup race when the vessel overturned trapping him under water for several minutes. all other crew members have been accounted for. the racing company ceo said the entire team is devastated by what happened. what was first thought to be a gustnado they said it was a weak tornado that touched down. no injuries or damages were
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reported there. dylan dreyer is here. >> it's very surprising, and from a meteor logical standpoint, we need to classify it of what it is. there is no more of that in the forecast for california for today or the weekend. the severe weather is down through the gulf coast and through the ohio river valley today. temperatures are going to be extremely warm once again today. you see all of those showers firing up, those will most likely redevelop today. look at our high temperatures today. seattle, 68, otherwise, 70. it looks like the warm weather is going to stick around through
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seattle. we'll see showers move through 80s, and fresno. >> that must it for the entire century now. >> the body of the boston bombing suspect is finally laid to rest, but nobody knows where. and prince harry takes washington by storm.
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headlines making news this
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morning, an anonymous person stepped forward to bury the body of marathon bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev. the location remains a secret. north korea says a meeting with south korea is a prelude to war. a spokesman called the visit with president obama a dispipble sycophantic trip. convicted murderer jodi arias was abruptly postponed until may 15th. she's now on 24 hour suicide watch after being moved to a psychiatric ward. after the verdict she told reporters she preferred death. a frightening story out of california. a 63-year-old woman died yesterday after she was mauled a pack of four pit bulls while jogging near her home. police are searching for those dogs. in australia lucky spectators in the outback witnessed a partial solar glimpse. it was visible in western australia and other areas of the south pacific.
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and it's that time again top baby names of 2012. jacob is number one for the 12th year in a row and sophia is the top girl's name. now to your friday morning business headlines. apple's much anticipated music streams service hit a snag. reports say talks for the iradio has stalled for sole judge loyalties. imans may appear above the screen and reports say users can navigate through content using their eyes. and where is the beef? mcdonald's is puller their premium angus burdener off the
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menu. improving economic data drove the green back above 100 yen for the first time in more than four years sending japanese stocks to a five year high. here at home the housing sector is recovering so fast in some areas home contractors say they can't find enough people to hire. all of that building and buying means uncle sam is about to get a big check from fannie mae. first record profit will net the treasury $59 billion dividend check next month. look out netflix. youtube is now charging per month or per channel. they are speeding up wi-fi on airlines. and blue crates backed up traffic for miles.
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>> and whose girl made maxim's top 100 list.
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great britain's royal bad boy, prince harry of wales is taking washington by storm. he's here for a week. it's his first trip to last week since last year's naked vegas
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romp. he's been able to keep his clothes on. tracie potts has all the details. >> so loud, security had to quiet them. even capitol hill staffers could not resist getting a glimpse of the prince. >> the expectation of every human being is no more than a dream so long as these dreadful weapons remain where they are. >> the prince unexpectedly stopped by the white house for afternoon tea where he helped children make mother's day gifts. today he will lay a wreath at arlington cemetery. >> he spent much of his time supporting rounded warriors.
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>> it's really an intent to show that he cares what a different side he has than what he plays out 12 months ago. in sports, straight to the ice. kid crosby barging through two defends in the penguins islanders game. pittsburgh won 4-0 and leads the series 3-2. wonder who the highest state employee is? most cases it's a state university coach. in the 50 states that includes 27 head football coaches, 13 basketball coaches and one hockey coach, the end of the salaries there put them in the range of the college president to the medical school dean. now the bulk of these salaries come from revenue teams. senator john mccain introduced a bill yesterday that ban sports tv blackouts. the bengals would benefit most having ten games blacked out over the last five years. now, this has gotten millions of youtube hits. 2.4 million.
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matt kemp giving a sick fan the shirt off his back. a wheel bound chair cancer patient received his hat, jersey and two cleats. players championship kicked off with thompson hitting a hole in one. brent snedeker had an interesting caddy. that's the juvenile jaguars mascot carrying his bag. a little bit of style. washington redskins owner dan snyder reassured the redskins name won't change. and to a northern california baseball team, saving a 16-year-old girl who was accidentally pinned beneath a car driven by her mom. >> we all just ran out there as a team. no one was saying much. the guys got around the car and everyone lifted it up. >> we accomplished something, i felt he were heroes we did something that actually saved the day.
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>> you can say that again. that's a team effort worth mvp status. maxim releasing the top 100 yesterday. coming in at number 69. manti te'o's fake girlfriend. kobe bryant is playing some heavy defense these days. not on the court but in court. the l.a. laker star is in a dispute with his mom over more than 100 times from his childhood including jerseys. $450,000 advance from an auction for a m the memorabilia. but kobe said he never gave his mom those things or authorized her to sell them. if kobe wins his mom has to return the advance which she has reportedly already used to buy a house.
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good morning, another beautiful day. we're starting off the day in the 50s, we're going to see a high of 78 degrees in seattle. mid 60s in san francisco. 90 in vegas today. as go into the start of the weekend, temperatures still stay nice and mild with the sunshine continuing. as we go into sunday, showers work their way back into the northwest, and l.a. is getting
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back into the low to mid 80s. it seems like all of the heat is certainly on the west coast. >> thank you. >> "gatsby" will not be enough to top the box office. "iran man 3" is expect today bring in $73 million this weekend. on thursday, fans got to see the web slinger hitch a ride on some cop cars. randy jackson is leaving "american idol." extra host mario lopez revealed he was recently bitten by a spider saying quote it looks like i have a small elbow growing from my jaw. when asked for pictures lopez replied i look like an alien. no pics. keefer sutherland's show "touch"
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was cancelled but the company is planning a limited "24" series revival. tune into snl as kristen wigg makes her debut. >> going back to mario lopez, i feel like you can't make a tweet without posting the picture that you're referring to. >> you really want to see something come out of his chin though? >> yeah, handsome guy, it's all right. >> we hope it's just the first top of your day here today on nbc.
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leading the "new york times," cancer vaccines get a cut. and in the "los angeles times" $42.6 million hidden in city funds. they were found in a transportation department special fund. that makes them wonder if there is other misplaced cash out there. from shocking verdicts to big wave wipe outs let's look back at the week that was. the sound of history and money being paid as the dow blasted above 15,000 for the first time ever. three cleveland women kidnapped a decade ago are home safe and sound though one remains in the hospital. sensational trial of jodi arias
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comes to an end. >> first degree murder guilty. >> scary moments on the road where a hit-and-run driver turned a calm looking man into a hood ornament. air show in spain took a tragic turn. in south carolina come back kid mark sanford beat elizabeth colbert busch in a special election. >> my sister lost! how could this happen? i was so sure she had won because cnn called it for sanford. >> and the gold for the gnarliest wave. things got heated for the biebs when a fan rush fanned. and no shot for this guy. his kiss cam got a strikeout. no need to struggle over ikea. this robot has you covered.
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an adorable baby hippo and elephant mommy and child. new jersey governor chris christie admitted to having lap-band stomach surgery and came down on one unlucky spider. >> please know that the governor saved that spider from a far worse fate. kids and any animal, you can't trust them, right. i'm surprised the kids were not like oh my gosh! here is what's coming up for you. atop the world trade center in new york city. keep it on this channel for local news, sports, and more. thanks for watching "early
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today" just your first stop of the day t
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. . graek breaking news out of bangladesh, a survivor found in the wreckage 17 days later. how she helped save herself. plus, one of the best sails in the world. >> hear from one of the men that was on the america's cup yacht when it capsized killing an olympic sailer. a special event for the victims of the boston bombings and the fertilizer plant explosion in texas. how you can help out. >> a live look outside. that is over san francisco. the fog has hit hard. christina loren will be back to tell us whether the sun will come out on this friday. "today in the bay."

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